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Ist 2000 r test

IST. Intelligence Structure Test. English version of the Intelligenz-Struktur-Test R (I-S-T R). Report Sample. ID Date 05/04/ Standard. () who conducted a study of NFC and intelligence using a validated and comprehensive measure, the Intelligence-Structure-Test, R (IST- R;. PDF | On Jan 1, , R. Amthauer and others published Intelligenz-Struktur-Test R. I-S-T R — Manual [Intelligence Structure Test.

Intelligence structure test IST ; English version of the "Intelligenz-Struktur-Test R (I-S-T R)" by D. Liepmann, A. Beauducel, B. Brocke & R. Amthauer ; . IST R, is an intelligence test to assess the adult's general intelligence and other related cognitive domains / areas. The test is designed for the wide normal . IST R. Test for structure of intelligence. Assessment of the intellectual, analytical thinking and learning abilities. Beauducel, A., Liepmann, D., Horn, S.

BOMAT-SHORT - Bochum Matrix Test – Advanced – Short version. R. Structure Test English version of the Intelligenz-Struktur-Test R (I-S-T R). The present study examined the psychometric properties of the short version of the Intelligence-Structure-Test R Form A (I-S-T R;. März I-S-T 2 R Intelligenz-Struktur-Test R Theoretischer Hintergrund Grundmodul Merkaufgaben Erweiterungsmodul Normierung. at age 50 years with the Intelligenz-Struktur-Test R. RESULTS: Birth weight was . years between BPP and I-S-T R Additional details on the tests.

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