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Back orifice linux

(Windows), pre1 (Linux) / March 21, Operating system · Microsoft Windows, Linux (client only). Type · Remote administration · License · GPL. Back Orifice advertisement (featuring the original logo). Back Orifice (often shortened to BO2k) is a computer program designed for remote system. Back Orifice (often shortened to BO) is a computer program designed for remote system administration. It enables a user to control a computer running the. I previously thought Back Orifice only infected computers running how to remove it, I'm not an expert at linux and I have full SSH root access.

Back Orifice is a remote administration system which allows a user to control a computer across a tcpip connection using a simple console or GUI application. I was testing a new port scanner and noticed that the last four ports don't really need to be there, LOL. I scanned my windows box and the. Somebody got through my security, and installed back orifice on my linux box. Fortunately, I know which port it communicates through I was.

'Lee' has submitted to the '[email protected]' mailing list his concerns about this This is a message about the Back Orifice (BO) trojan. From The Register "A vulnerability involving an obscure UDP protocol might permits crackers to obtain remote control of Unix workstations. Description. This signature detects an attempt to locate systems running the " Back Orifice" backdoor. Unless the system responds, it is unlikely that it has been . Back Orifice is purportedly a remote administration tool that allows system administrators to control a computer from a remote location (i.e. across the internet).

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