Cisco ip communicator ubuntu download

By Kazikus

Cisco ip communicator ubuntu

Hello! Tell me please, what are the alternative to Cisco IP Communicator+ Finesse for Linux desktops to work with UCCE?. I have Open Suse in my home and I would like to use Cisco IP Communicator here to connect to my branch office where CCM is installed. Is there a. Ubuntu help with Cisco IP Communicator Hello all, I originally posted this in the General forum, but I just realized there is a specific.

Cisco IP Communicator. View Screenshots. This is a virtual phone in software. It talks Cisco's proprietary SCCP signalling protocol as well as RTP & RTCP to a. Open Source Software for running Windows applications on other operating systems. Cisco offers a softphone called [IP Communicator]( products/sw/voicesw/ps/ but no version for.

Cisco IP Communicator We have desk phones and we have softphones. These softphones are great, except for when we don't have a. The issue is that Cisco Jabber, a SIP client, nor the IP Communicator have Linux versions. Wine will work, but it's normally troublesome to setup or get it working. Hi All, I need Cisco IP communicator for my Ubuntu. Please guide me the download location and installation procedure. Or reccommend an. Hi. I checked first to post this thread, and was the last about. Anyone knows if there is a similar for linux? More specifically, for Ubuntu or.

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