Socom 4 contacting server download

By Fegami

Socom 4 contacting server

Anyway, I decided to pop Socom 4 back in and give it another try but the game freezes at the "contacting update server" stage every single time. Today, Sony quietly revealed that it will be shutting down the PlayStation 3 online servers for MAG and SOCOM 4 early next year. Sony shutting down, Confrontation, and SOCOM 4 servers next week ( .. 2, people is more than the total population of the latest Call of Duty releases on the Wii U, from what I.

H HOUR is now working on NEW VERSION of SOCOM for the New PS4! PLEASE RESTART THE SERVERS FOR 1 YEAR! see the severs come back on cause this game is much better then Socom 4(Call of Duty Copy.). Sony has announced via Twitter that it will shutdown multiplayer servers for ' SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs', 'SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs. Beyond that, details about the Socom 4 multiplayer beta have been virtually Eligible players will be contacted soon. On April 13, the beta will close as the servers shut down in preparation for the game's PS3 exclusive release on.

I got the beta code for buying killzone 3 when does the beta start for people who have the beta? We'll be contacting eligible players soon. at which point the servers will be taken down in preparation of SOCOM 4′s retail. SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy Seals (or 'SOCOM: Special Forces' in PAL regions) is a We'll be contacting eligible players soon. which point the servers will be taken down in preparation of SOCOM 4′s retail release on April 19th!. If you have already contacted a member of Congress concerning an issue, please If none of the above apply to you, review the following 4-Step Hotline.

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